Lynda has
a passion for helping others become financially successful.

    When changes in the industry happen, learn about it first. Also, access financial strategies, trends and more.

    Having over 25 years of experience, excellent investment knowledge, passionate to help the disabled and a being a life-long learner are some of the qualities of Lynda Kaufmanis. In the financial services industry since 1989, Lynda firmly believes a life-long learning process is key to best serve her clients. With this key principle, Lynda has been very determined to improve her financial knowledge and achieve some of the most respected qualifications in the market to add value for her clients.

    Lynda holds the Business Administration Diploma from Humber College. She has obtained her FSCI®, CPCA®, FMA®, and CIM®. In 2009, Lynda figured she was helping the majority of clients with tax planning due to the market correction. In order to learn more, she decided to acquire the DFA – Tax Specialist™ designation from the Knowledge Bureau. The CPCA® designation is a qualification that was relevant to Lynda as she was helping care for her disabled mother at the time and shared the same experience as her clients did in the “sandwich” generation. The CFP® designation has been one of her greatest achievements in her career as it is a standard, she believes all advisors should acquire.

    Lynda has always had a passion for books and learning. Her first job after high school was managing a bookstore for one of the major booksellers in Canada. In addition, she has always had an interest in the creative side as well including scrapbooking, drawing, photography, and painting. Furthermore, Lynda developed a passion for airbrushing and wood burning and loves to do both in her free time. Over time, she transitioned into the financial services industry and obtained employment with a large trust company while going to college. As a high achiever, Lynda did not stop there. She worked towards building her profile and started working for one of the major Canadian banks with her recently earned diploma. This was followed by joining a local wealth management firm, and finally Carte Wealth Management Inc. With a natural interest in finance, Lynda values her clients the most and does what she does because she loves it.

    Lynda is very flexible when it comes to interacting with different clients. Many are nearing retirement or retired. However, Lynda encourages her clients to offer her services to younger family members. She strongly believes those just starting out need to know the basics of financial planning to avoid potential costly mistakes in the present in order to help build a solid base for the future.

    She understands and acknowledges that each client is different, has different needs, desires, and problems which ultimately enables Lynda to approach situations that provide financial solutions based on specific needs and circumstances. Her investment philosophy is simple, yet sophisticated and effective. Over the span of her career, she has developed both credit and investment insight. Keeping her client’s time horizon, risk profile, and objectives in mind, Lynda firmly believes in a conservative balanced approach to financial planning. Furthermore, she considers the tax consequences of investments for the present and future.

    Lynda resides in the Aldershot area in Burlington, Ontario and has one son.

    CFP® – Certified Financial Planner
    FSCI® – Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute
    CIM ® – Chartered Investment Management
    DFA – Tax Services Specialist™ – Distinguished Financial Advisor
    CPCA® – Certified Professional Consultant on Aging
    FMA® – Financial Management Advisor
    AICB® – Associate of the Institute of Canadian Bankers

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